Child Support, Bankruptcy And The Start Of A New School Year


Can you believe it’s already August? It feels like we just blinked and summer disappeared. Pretty soon school buses will hit our roads in Georgia to pick up the kids and deliver them to and from school. If you’re wondering what your child’s first day of school is, here is a list of many schools … Read More

Homestead Exemption


If you’re at the unfortunate place in your life when you need to file for personal bankruptcy there are two options for your protection. Chapter 7 involves the elimination of unsecured debt. With Chapter 13 you may reorganize your debt into manageable payments to avoid high interest rates. When choosing which one of these options … Read More

Losing: Your Guide to Filing for Bankruptcy After You Lose Your Job


Congratulations to our beloved Atlanta Falcons this year in the Super Bowl! You make our city proud with your amazing effort. Falcons may have lost, and perhaps you’ve just lost your job. If this is the case, you may be considering filing for bankruptcy. You may be feeling like you will be unable to make … Read More

What Is Involved In a Means Test?


The word “test” never really sparks feelings of excitement and anticipation. Tests usually cause stress, tension and uncertainty. When it comes to bankruptcy, there may come a time for something called a Means Test. New personal bankruptcy laws were passed in 2005 that made it more difficult to file for debt liquidation through Chapter 7 … Read More

“We Must Accept Finite Disappointment, But Never Lose Infinite Hope.”

On Monday, January 16th, we celebrate and honor Martin Luther King Jr. who said, “We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.” He is remembered for his active and dynamic leadership that was highlighted by his nonviolent tactics to help propel the Civil Rights Movement in the United States. At age 35, he … Read More

Budgeting Your Holiday Spending

Whether you’re recovering from filing for bankruptcy, or trying to avoid filing, this time of year can be a struggle for many Americans. With holidays like Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa and Ramadan, the tendency is to spend more money than you have. During these times spending money can be confused for celebrating. It’s always a good … Read More

3 Reasons To See A Bankruptcy Attorney


When you declare bankruptcy it has a ripple effect. It not only affects your future credit, but it also can affect your reputation and your self-image. When you file for bankruptcy it’s typically difficult to rebuild your credit. Securing loans while trying to scale down your lifestyle can be challenging. On the other hand, bankruptcy … Read More

Small Business Bankruptcy Help

Are you a small business owner in or near Lawrenceville? If you’ve been struggling financially and are trying to determine if you should file for bankruptcy, we can help. George R. Belche has extensive experience guiding both individuals and small business owners through the ins and outs of a financially-challenging situations just like yours. It … Read More

Filing for Bankruptcy

If you’re considering filing for bankruptcy, it’s important to be careful when it comes to knowing who to trust. Many companies feel that marketing to future bankrupt individuals means they have nothing to lose. But you do. Choosing the right lawyer can make the process far less stressful. George R. Belche has over 18 years … Read More

Chapter 7 vs. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

After you’ve made the decision to file for bankruptcy, the next step is determining which type of bankruptcy is best for your financial situation. The most common types of bankruptcy filed are Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Chapter 7 bankruptcy is often referred to as liquidation bankruptcy and involves the discharging of … Read More