Filing for Bankruptcy

If you’re considering filing for bankruptcy, it’s important to be careful when it comes to knowing who to trust. Many companies feel that marketing to future bankrupt individuals means they have nothing to lose. But you do. Choosing the right lawyer can make the process far less stressful. George R. Belche has over 18 years … Read More

Choosing a Bankruptcy Attorney


Once you’ve decided to file for bankruptcy, the next important decision you have to make is choosing the right bankruptcy attorney. If you’re completely new to the process, as most people are, this can be stressful and overwhelming. Use these tips to help you select an expert that’s best for your current financial situation. Study … Read More

Understanding the Limitations of Bankruptcy

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Many people who opt for filing bankruptcy to get a handle on their financial lives do so under the assumption that once they do, all their fiscal woes will be resolved. And while there are many things that bankruptcy can do, there are several that filing for bankruptcy can’t do for your finances. Understanding the … Read More