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If you are considering bankruptcy and you are looking for a Duluth GA Bankruptcy Attorney, you are in the right place.

Facing financial difficulties?

Bankruptcy may help you get the fresh start that you are dreaming about. Our law firm specializes in bankruptcy filing but more importantly we stand by our clients as partners and we put all our bankruptcy experience and knowledge at our client's disposal.

Bankruptcy is the fastest most assured way to get the debt relief you are seeking while at same time preserving your assets such as your home and vehicle, and in the case of Chapter 13 filing, it would be the best debt consolidation and repayment plan tailored specifically for your situation and in a way that would not put any financial strain on your income and resources.

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy repayment plan allows you to keep your home and car even if you are behind on your payments while a Chapter 7 bankruptcy can help you start fresh by eliminating all your debts and giving you a clean slate. Do not wait; take control of your life back by taking action now. Financial relief and security are just a phone call away.

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