Norcross Bankruptcy Attorney

Bankruptcy is definitely a positive solution for countless people seeking relief in difficult financial circumstances. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy can help people with high unsecured debts. Debts that are considered unsecured are those resulting from Credit Card accounts, medical treatments, unsecured personal loans, deficiencies resulting from default on secured loans like car loans or mortgage loans and in some cases old (stale) income taxes.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Protection

The Automatic Stay or protection that a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy filing provides is applied immediately upon the filing of the case. The Automatic Stay will stop all creditors and debt collectors from starting or continuing their collection efforts in any way shape or form. In the case of a Chapter 13 filing, the Automatic Stay will stop foreclosures on personal property and repossession of vehicles, thus allowing people the chance to reorganize their debts and keep their belongings. Therefore, Bankruptcy is a positive solution to thousands or even millions of people during these hard economic times. Maybe you cannot fix or impact the countries economics but at least you can do something about your own and your family’s economic situation.

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