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After graduation from college or grad school one of the realities that sets in, after looking for work in your field and possibly relocating, is the fact that money you borrowed to get you through your education, cover tuition, books and living expenses now must be paid back.

Student Loan Debt Relief — Gwinnett County, Georgia, Legal Aid

In general, student loans are low interest and can be paid over a period of several years. Yet, when other debts mount, student loans can contribute significantly to your debt to income ratio, making daily living difficult if not near impossible.

Student Loans — Non-Dischargeable Debt

Student loans are considered non-dischargeable debt. Given their relative low-interest rates, relaxed repayment schedules and the fact that they are often federally insured, there is little wonder that this is the case. Nevertheless, significant student loans and high monthly payments may leave you wondering how to pay other bills or make ends meet month to month.

Exceptions to the Rule

While in most cases student loans cannot be discharged, there are exceptions. If you can prove significant economic hardship, you may be able to have your student loans diminished or eliminated.

Perhaps the best way to address student loans is to remove other financial obligations through bankruptcy. Once credit card, medical and other debts are either liquidated or diminished, you can devote more attention to making regular student loan payments. Speaking with attorney George Belche about your financial issues is a great first step toward climbing out of significant debt.

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