Can Bankruptcy Stop Judgments and Debt Collections?

Creditor harassment is demoralizing. You receive harassing phone calls in the morning, at dinner and in the evening. You may have even received threatening phone calls at work. You have rights as a debtor. At the law firm of George R. Belche, Attorney at Law, we want to help you stop harassment and collection attempts, and get the fresh financial start you need.

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Our founding Atlanta bankruptcy lawyer, George R. Belche, has more than 15 years of experience helping people find relief from overwhelming debt. As a firm, we have deep knowledge of the complex bankruptcy rules and procedures, and we use the law as a tool to help people rebuild their financial lives. You do not have to deal with debt collectors on your own. We are here to help.

How Can Bankruptcy Stop Judgments and Collections?

If a creditor is in the process of getting a judgment against you, or even if a creditor has already obtained one, we can help. Chapter 7 bankruptcy will discharge the debt and prohibit the creditor from pursuing a wage garnishment. Chapter 13 bankruptcy will also stop a judgment and allow you to set up a repayment plan at 0 percent interest to unsecured creditors such as credit cards. Depending on your income, you may only have to pay back a portion of your debt through the Chapter 13 plan, with the balance of the debt eliminated at the end of the program.

Whenever necessary, we will file a motion for lien avoidance. This document asks the bankruptcy court to remove the record of the judgment. If the lien avoidance is allowed, your debt will be under control and your record clear of judgment.

The law prohibits debt collectors from trying to collect from individuals who are in bankruptcy. In addition, pending lawsuits against you are automatically stayed (postponed). If a creditor continues to harass you while you are in the bankruptcy process, we can ask the court to take appropriate action against that creditor.

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