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Post-Bankruptcy Options That Are Good For Your Credit

Contrary to popular belief, personal bankruptcy can actually improve credit over time. After eliminating debt through bankruptcy, an individual can start to establish a solid payment history. With a stable income, he or she will start to get credit offers again. Within two years, most people can qualify for an FHA home loan.

There is life after bankruptcy. At George R. Belche, Attorney at Law, we can explain ways to rebuild your credit after filing bankruptcy. Schedule a free initial consultation in our Lawrenceville, Georgia, law office by fill out our contact form.

Ways to Rebuild Your Credit Following Bankruptcy

  • Open a bank account — If you don't already have a checking or savings account, consider opening one. This sends a positive message to lenders about your ability to manage your finances.
  • Avoid high interest loans — Payday loans have especially high interest rates. Make sure you know what is expected of you before you sign a loan.
  • Apply for a secured credit card — A savings account is tied to a secured credit card, limiting the amount an individual can spend.
  • Consider credit counseling — There are programs available that teach individuals about financial planning and budget management. These are often recommended for individuals who are considering bankruptcy, but can also be useful post-bankruptcy.
  • Show that you are a responsible consumer — If you have a credit card, make timely payments. Pay your utility bills on time. Don't live beyond your means and purchase goods that you cannot afford.


For more information about improving your credit score following bankruptcy, contact a lawyer in our Gwinnett County law firm.

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