Budgeting To Prevent Bankruptcy


Bankruptcy Attorney near Duluth GAAttorney George Belche at Gwinnett Bankruptcy serves Gwinnett County with his focus being on consumer bankruptcy and debt counseling. He is ready to help you resolve your financial problems. Debt can happen for a number of different reasons. According to Gallup News, “Americans are buried under a mountain of debt.” The debt increases when, “Those without enough to live comfortably are using credit cards to supplement their resources.”

Budgeting can be an effective tool when combating debt and eventual bankruptcy. Simply put, debt avoidance it spending less that you make. This sounds easy, however it can be challenging for many. There are some steps you can take if you’re searching for practical and stress-free budgeting.

  1. Keep your eye on the goal – Your goal should not be tracking every penny spent. Just like a diet doesn’t work by just counting calories, modifications must always accompany the tracking. While tracking is important, your end goal is debt avoidance, reduction and spending less than you make.
  2. Track your income and spending – There are many tools on the Internet that can help you track what you spend. Spreadsheets can be helpful as well. In order to know where you’re overspending, you must know where you doing this.
  3. Be on the same team – Make sure you and your spouse and family are all on the same team with the end goal of debt reduction together! One over spender in the family can jeopardize efforts of the entire family unit.
  4. Save First – Put money into your savings account first and then spend what is left.

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