The Mounds Of Medical Bills


Did you enter 2019 with medical bills that continue to pile up on your desk? Those mounds of bills facing you every day can become a huge financial and mental burden to face. Sadly, the cost of medical care seems to continue to climb significantly year after year. Reuters predicted that the “United States spending … Read More

Entering 2019 With Credit Card Debt From Years Past?


Happy New Year from our team at George R. Belche Attorney at Law. If you’re walking into 2019 with the burden of carrying your high interest credit card debt, it can feel crippling. This can be a common source of serious financial problems for you and many Americans. If you have stepped into 2019 carrying … Read More

Is There Really Such A Thing As Good Debt And Bad Debt?


According to a 2017 survey conducted by PrincewaterhouseCoopers, the average U.S. household owes $134,643 in debt. This can cause a great deal of stress for some, but there are some instances when that debt may not be such a bad thing after all. There are two very simple terms for debt; they are good debt … Read More

Debt Consolidation


Do you find yourself at the point where you are not able to pay off your credit card debt, mortgage, college loans or medical bills? If this is you, George R. Belche will help you explore your options such as Chapter 7 bankruptcy and debt consolidation. There are many benefits to both options, perhaps you’re … Read More

Possible Bankruptcy Alternatives


If you’re staring bankruptcy in the face you may think it’s your only option. It can be a bit scary to consider what needs done to file for it and also what the ramifications of that filing may be. However, there may be other alternatives for you when you consider filing. Loan Modification If you … Read More

When Your Medical Bills Are Too Heavy To Bear


If your medical bills are and healthcare costs are too heavy of a weight to bear, you’re not alone. According to Gallup in December 2016 “Four in 10 U.S. Dissatisfied with their healthcare costs.” In addition, it states that Americans who have Medicare or Medicaid are among the least dissatisfied. Dissatisfaction is highest among the … Read More

Save First

As you begin 2018, it’s a good idea to reset or give a fresh start to your financial goals for eliminating or avoiding debt. One important goal for your new year budgeting to prevent bankruptcy is to save money first. This is a simple concept of putting money into your savings account first and then … Read More

Are Your Holidays About Collection Or Distribution?


The giving of gifts marks this holiday season. Everyone loves giving away special gifts to loved ones, and watching their faces as they receive your gift with joy and delight. Do you plan to give great gifts this season? If not, are you dreading the fact that others want to collect from you instead? Are … Read More

Your Mindset For Conquering Your Student Loans


Your mindset that you carry with you in regards to your student loans is important. George R. Belche, Attorney at Law, can help guide you through a process of not only eliminating your student loan debt, but also eliminating self-doubt in the process. Student loans are somewhat unique due to the fact that they are … Read More

The Power Of Your “Yes” And Your “No”

Words matter. Choosing them well and wisely is important. The powerful words you carry in your tool belt of words are useful to you in your daily life. Some of the most powerful words you hold are “yes” and “no.” These words carry a heavy decisive weight for you. Choosing when to say “yes” to … Read More