Your Options When Faced with Wage Garnishment


Receiving a legal notice of wage garnishment can be a shock even if you are aware of the debt owed. It can also be overwhelming. Understanding what garnishment is, what rights you have and what steps you can take all give you more control of a stressful situation. What is Wage Garnishment? With garnishment, your … Read More

More About Wage Garnishments


Are you having your wages garnished? Are you not able to receive the full amount of your paycheck you earned each week due to wage garnishments? If so, George R. Belche can help. What Are Wage Garnishments? Wage garnishments are court ordered. They order your employer to withhold a certain amount of money from your … Read More

Child Support, Bankruptcy And The Start Of A New School Year


Can you believe it’s already August? It feels like we just blinked and summer disappeared. Pretty soon school buses will hit our roads in Georgia to pick up the kids and deliver them to and from school. If you’re wondering what your child’s first day of school is, here is a list of many schools … Read More

Wage Garnishments 101

It’s important to know what a wage garnishment is if you’re faced with this type of legal situation. A wage garnishment is any legal or equitable procedure in which some portion of a person’s earnings are required to be withheld by an employer for a payment of a debt. Most garnishments are court ordered, but … Read More

Understanding Garnishments and Liens

Two of the most crippling aspects of living with debt are garnishments and liens. A garnishment is a usually mandated court order in which a part of your paycheck is withheld to be put towards a debt. Garnishments often continue until the entire debt is paid, or some arrangement is made to pay off the … Read More