Child Support, Bankruptcy And The Start Of A New School Year


Bankruptcy Lawyer in Gwinnett County GACan you believe it’s already August? It feels like we just blinked and summer disappeared. Pretty soon school buses will hit our roads in Georgia to pick up the kids and deliver them to and from school. If you’re wondering what your child’s first day of school is, here is a list of many schools throughout Georgia.

As school begins, we start taking children’s school needs into consideration. School supply lists are printed and shopped for. Making sure they are all set for a strong start to their school year is important. However, sometimes life gets messy and divorce happens. If you’re going through a divorce around this time of the school year, it’s important to make sure your kids are taken care of. Ensuring that they have a consistent and secure plan for schooling is important.

Sometimes your circumstances surrounding your divorce are overwhelming. If you’ve been abandoned by your spouse and left with the responsibility of raising your children, the financial obligations that go along with that can be overwhelming.

If you’re struggling to keep your head above water with all that surrounds this time of year for you and your child you may become very discouraged.

Call our office at George R. Belche Attorney at Law if you have questions related to your divorce and bankruptcy. We can help advise you as to when and how to go about filing for bankruptcy to give you a peace and resolution to your financial concerns surrounding your divorce.

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