Filing for Bankruptcy

If you’re considering filing for bankruptcy, it’s important to be careful when it comes to knowing who to trust. Many companies feel that marketing to future bankrupt individuals means they have nothing to lose. But you do. Choosing the right lawyer can make the process far less stressful.

George R. Belche has over 18 years of legal experience and our Lawrenceville law firm revolves around bankruptcy law. We understand the sensitivity and even the embarrassment that filing for bankruptcy can involve. We’re not here to judge. We’re just here to help you get through it.

Taking Steps to Protect Yourself

Filing for bankruptcy can be a smart financial decision when done properly. Having the right lawyer can help you eliminate excessive debt, prevent garnished wages, and help you keep what’s most important.

For nearly 2 decades, we have helped both Lawrenceville individuals as well as businesses start fresh when things get tight. This includes cases involving both chapter chapter 7 and chapter 11 bankruptcy. It’s something that we do every day, and we understand the burden that it places on our clients. We are here to lighten that burden as much as possible.

Don’t Wait Another Day

Get protection before it’s too late. If debt collectors, IRS letters, and collection calls are an everyday occurrence, it’s time to get help. Asking friends for advice is something that most people do not want to do. That’s why we’re here, to confidently and privately guide you through the process.

Call our Lawrenceville, Georgia law office to schedule a complementary consultation with George R. Belche today. We’re happy to discuss the ins and outs of bankruptcy law, and whether or not it is the appropriate plan of action for your financial future.

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