Losing: Your Guide to Filing for Bankruptcy After You Lose Your Job


Bankruptcy Lawyer in Lawrenceville GACongratulations to our beloved Atlanta Falcons this year in the Super Bowl! You make our city proud with your amazing effort. Falcons may have lost, and perhaps you’ve just lost your job. If this is the case, you may be considering filing for bankruptcy.

You may be feeling like you will be unable to make your payments on your continuing obligations. You might feel like you should begin the process right away, however you may want to analyze your situation further to make sure it is the best solution for you. There are cases where it is best to wait and file in the future, due to the fact that you have to wait a certain time period before you can file again.

If you think you may incur more debt in the future, it may be best to wait and file. If you file for bankruptcy immediately after you lose your job, any qualifying debts that have been incurred up to this point may be discharged or eliminated. If you anticipate incurring new debt soon, you may want to wait before filing.

You also will want to consider property you will want to keep, such as your vehicle or house, if foreclosure is imminent. Situations like the loss of a job are complex. The good news is that you have multiple solutions to consider. You will want to explore your options with a qualified bankruptcy lawyer who can help you navigate timing, planning and filings. George Belche wants to help you walk through your job loss. Call our office today and book your appointment.

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