Save First

Bankruptcy Lawyer in Gwinnett County GAAs you begin 2018, it’s a good idea to reset or give a fresh start to your financial goals for eliminating or avoiding debt. One important goal for your new year budgeting to prevent bankruptcy is to save money first. This is a simple concept of putting money into your savings account first and then spending what is left.

When you make a budgeting plan to save money, it’s a good rule of thumb to aim for putting away 10-15 percent of your income. If this amount seems too large, you may need to evaluate ways to reduce your spending, so you can make saving money a reality.

To reduce your spending, it’s important to identify non-essentials that you can either eliminate or spend less on. Non-essentials may include: entertainment, dining out, hobbies or memberships.

If you consider changing your perspective on your savings, it may be helpful. You can view your savings as a regular expense rather than an optional activity if funds are available. Shifting your view of savings from an  “ I want to”, to an “I need to” will help as well.

If saving money seems so far out of reach for you due to your level of debt, then George R. Belche, Attorney at Law will help you with his debt consolidation services. He is dedicated to helping you find a solution to your financial problems, so you are able to consider adding routine savings to your new year’s plan in 2018.

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