Small Business Bankruptcy


Owning a small business is a great accomplishment. It shows that you have the initiative and effort to be successful. Yet, things do not always go as planned, and facing serious financial problems can seem overwhelming. As a small business owner, you have put a great deal of your personal money, time, and investment into your business. When financial hardships threaten your business, it is crucial that you make decisions that will allow you to repair your finances and move forward in life.

While it may seem like a drastic decision, filing for business bankruptcy can help a struggling business survive, and even thrive in the future. There is no shame in seeking bankruptcy protection. A properly filed bankruptcy can make your financial recovery quicker and give you a brighter future.

It is imperative that you carefully consider how you will file for bankruptcy. Choosing to file Chapter 7, 13, or 11 will depend on what your small business does, how your small business is structured, your business assets, and the amount of income available to fund a repayment plan.

Working solely in the area of bankruptcy allows George R. Belche, Attorney at Law, to address financial crises effectively and with in-depth knowledge. Our firm is dedicated to helping Georgians repair their finances and move forward in life. Our comprehensive, full-service bankruptcy representation is personalized for each client. When you come to us, we will give you an honest answer to whether or not you should file bankruptcy. The answer is not always “yes.” Our goal is to walk you through the process of what bankruptcy means for a small business owner and whether or not that is the best option for your business, for you personally, and for your future.

If your small business is in financial turmoil, George R. Belche, Attorney at Law, wants to help you move beyond fear. Our bankruptcy firm offers a free initial consultation to discuss your situation. Contact us today.

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