Smart Strategies for Dealing with Collection Agencies


Lawrenceville GA Debt Relief LawyerIt’s not news that financial woes are one of the biggest stressors for the American family. And dealing with constant calls from collection agencies – while you’re at work, at school, at home eating dinner – certainly doesn’t help. In fact, the situation can make you feel entirely helpless, not to mention overwhelmed.

If you’re one of the one-third of Americans currently dealing with collection agencies, consider adopting some of these strategies:

  • Keep your cool. A debt collector calling from an agency has real stake in the game of your debt, and their job is to get you to pay. Most of the time, they achieve that goal by scaring you – threatening lawsuits, seizure of your assets, garnishment of your wages. The key in these situations is to remain levelheaded and clear in what you choose to communicate to them. Educate yourself on your rights and responsibilities, and don’t feel pressured to engage in threatening conversations.
  • Know your facts. Despite how it may feel, you are not helpless. There are plenty of things you can do to deal with collections agencies. Many collectors operate under the assumption that you are scared and ignorant, so one of the first things you should do is to educate yourself about the laws regarding collection of debts (something our law firm is available to help you with). Also, be aware of how much you actually owe. And whatever information they choose to give you, get it all in writing, and keep records of the conversations and correspondence you have with the agency.
  • Don’t give up information or account numbers. You are not legally obligated to do this, despite what debt collectors may tell you.

For more smart tips for dealing with debt or to begin getting a handle on your finances, call the bankruptcy firm of George R. Belch, Attorney at Law. Our team is ready to help navigate you through tough financial times, threatening phone calls, and unrelenting stress, so you and your family can get back on track.

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