The Mounds Of Medical Bills


Physicians Reviewing Chart Medical Bills Attorney Atlanta GA Did you enter 2019 with medical bills that continue to pile up on your desk? Those mounds of bills facing you every day can become a huge financial and mental burden to face. Sadly, the cost of medical care seems to continue to climb significantly year after year.

Reuters predicted that the “United States spending is projected to rise 5.3 percent in 2018.” They state that the primary drivers of the increased spending include:

  • Aging baby-boom population
  • A climb in prices of medical goods and service
  • More disposable income

In addition, Reuters states, “Cancer survivors have higher-than-average rates of medical financial hardship.” The article states that the hardships include things such as:

  • Psychological Stress
  • Intense worry over unpaid bills
  • Delaying needed care due to cost

Let’s face it, no one gets to choose which illness or disease they get to have. Chronic diseases are terrible, no matter what! However, Health Payer Intelligence lists the “Top 10  Most Expensive Chronic Diseases for Healthcare Payers.” Cardiovascular disease and smoking-related health issues topped the list. You can read more about additional health issues and costs here.

If 2019 has you carrying the heavy burden of a health issue and the additional burden of mounds of medical bills, call George R. Belche. He is a Gwinnett County bankruptcy and medical bills attorney. His bankruptcy firm is dedicated to helping you close the book on your non-dischargeable debt. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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