Unpaid Taxes


American Flag Waving in the WindMonday, April 14 your taxes were due this year. Were you able to pay them? Were you able to pay them on time in 2019? Alternatively, has another tax filing passed and you are facing yet another year of unpaid taxes.

Can Your Unpaid Taxes Be Discharged?

Your unpaid taxes and tax debt may be discharged in Chapter 7 or satisfied through Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing. However, discharge depends on many factors. Those factors are specific to your particular situation and timing.

Factors Taken Into Consideration For Tax Debt Discharging With Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

One consideration for your discharge is if your debt is over three years old. If it is, it may be eligible. However, any taxes other than income tax can never be discharged in bankruptcy. In addition, if you willfully evaded or committed fraud on a tax return, you cannot file for bankruptcy. You also will need to pass the 240-day-rule.

You also must have filed a tax return for the debt you want to discharge at least two years before filing for bankruptcy.

You’re Not Alone If You Have Unpaid Taxes

If you have unpaid taxes, it’s reassuring to know that you’re not alone in your struggle. Other, very famous, people have found themselves needing to file for bankruptcy due to unpaid taxes.

  1. Willie Nelson
  2. Jerry Lee Lewis
  3. Marvin Gaye

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