What Should You Look For When Find Searching For A Bankruptcy Attorney?


Lawrencville GA Bankruptcy LawyerThe thought of filing for bankruptcy can be overwhelming. If you’re already in the process of considering it, there’s a good chance you’re already stressed and overwhelmed with the burdens that your debt is unwillingly providing for you. When you think about hiring the right attorney to help alleviate your stress and care for your burden, you want to hire the right one just for you. The attorney that you hire will make a large difference in how simple and successful your bankruptcy will be.


Search for an attorney with experience and familiarity with bankruptcy laws. An inexperienced attorney can actually put your assets at risk and make your process longer and more difficult than it needs to be. Make sure your attorney has specific experience and specialty in bankruptcy. The law is specialized and complex when it comes to bankruptcy.


Bankruptcy laws from each district court can vary with differing local laws and regulations regarding bankruptcy. In addition, each individual bankruptcy trustee in your district may have specific requirements or procedures you must abide by. Choose an attorney familiar with your local laws and rules of your district, and one who knows the trustees.


When you file for bankruptcy it is a lengthy process with paperwork and communication with your attorney. Search for an attorney who places a high priority on you and communicating the process with you.

George R. Belche, Attorney at Law is pleased to offer you the experience that he has in dealing with all of your bankruptcy needs. He enjoys the one-on-one service to you as you go through your financial difficulty. He has 18 years of legal experience solely focused on bankruptcy law. As a member of the Georgia State Bar and the American Bar Associations he has experience in representing clients in the bankruptcy courts of the Northern and Middle Districts of Georgia.

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