Heading To College This Fall? Making A Solid Plan For Paying For It.


College Students Lawrenceville GA“I mean, if somebody said to me, junior year of college, you can go anywhere, your old man’s paying for it, I’d have been gone in a flash. But I had to work. Every summer my mother would say, ‘Get that job and hold on to it until August 30.’” – Chris Matthews

Are you packing up and heading off to college soon? Do you have everything you need for your dorm room? Are your classes scheduled? Do you have the money in your hand to pay for this upcoming year of college? If you do, congratulations. You are one of the few that can go to college and actually pay for it while you’re attending. According to Student Loan Hero, the average student loan debt for the Class of 2017 was $39,400. This is up six percent from 2016.

Other general student loan debt facts from the Student Loan Hero include:

  • $1.4 trillion in total U.S. student loan debt
  • 44.2 million Americans have student loan debt
  • Student loan delinquency rate is 11.2%
  • The average monthly student loan payment is $351

If you’re entering college and trying to avoid student loans why not consider some alternate ways to help you pay for college? Most colleges offer work-study jobs that will help offset your costs. There are so many private scholarships available if you do a little research. Living off campus or attending a community college is a great way to save on college expenses.

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